Workers' Comp Lump-Sum Settlements

Workers' Compensation Lump Sum Settlements

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The question of whether to seek or accept a lump sum settlement from a Workers' Compensation insurance carrier can be complicated. Typically, after a claim has been approved for a permanent or long lasting disability and benefits have been received by a claimant for a period of time, the question of a lump sum insurance settlement arises.

Before You Decide On a Workers' Comp Lump Sum Settlement

Before you decide whether to accept a lump sum settlement offer from your Pennsylvania employer's (or former employer's) Workers' Comp insurance company, contact Oxenburg & Franzel to schedule a free consultation.

We Will Evaluate Your Case

You may wonder whether it would be a good idea to negotiate with your employer's Workers' Compensation insurance carrier yourself regarding a lump sum settlement. Because of our years of experience in helping injured workers obtain benefits following work injuries, we can help you evaluate your case. At Oxenburg & Franzel, we will be glad to evaluate your case and make recommendations depending on your situation.

Will You Need Ongoing Medical Treatment?

For example, will you need ongoing medical treatment? Are you eligible for Medicare? Do you have other reliable sources of monthly income, such as Social Security Disability benefits to fall back on? Often, an individual's overall financial picture is complicated with many factors to consider.

We Have Insight

A consultation with a lawyer regarding a lump sum settlement or compromise and release agreement is always free at Oxenburg & Franzel. Our experience gives us the ability to advise Workers' Compensation recipients whether to accept, or request, a lump sum settlement. We can advise you when the time is right for you, and when the amount of the settlement is right for you.

Contact an Experienced Workers' Comp a Lump Sum Settlement Lawyer

If you have been injured on the job and are still unable to work after a period of time and are receiving Workers' Compensation benefit payments, contact the law firm of Oxenburg & Franzel to schedule a consultation.

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