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Helping Injured and Disabled Workers throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area for Over 25 Years. You've Worked Hard; Now Let Us Work Hard for You.

Have you been injured on the job? Have complications from your on-the-job injury left you unable to work?

The Workers' Compensation lawyers at the law firm of Oxenburg & Franzel have more than 25 years of experience helping injured people. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with an attorney regarding your workplace accident. We don't charge a fee unless we help you obtain wage loss benefits and medical benefits following your:

Our Philadelphia workers' compensation lawyers have a great deal of experience helping people obtain benefits and/or lump sum settlements from Workers' Comp carriers. Many of our clients are unable to work due to occupational injuries such as

Knowing Your Rights from the Very Beginning is Very Important to the Injured Worker

We strongly encourage you to call us as soon as you have been injured, or as soon as you are diagnosed with a disabling condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome that has developed over time. We will make sure that you know your rights from the very beginning.

Preparing a Strong Case from the Beginning

We can help you prepare a strong case before you even file your Workers' Comp (formerly known as "workman's compensation") claim. For example, we will advise you on the importance of getting proper medical care as soon as possible. We will educate you on ways to not allow yourself to be taken advantage of by the Workers' Compensation insurance company.

Your Advocates if Your Claim is Denied

We will stand by you if your employer's Workers' Comp insurance carrier rejects your claim or denies you benefits. We will defend your rights if the panel physician appointed by the Workers' Comp carrier attempts to send you back to work before you are ready to work again. We will advise you as to when you are allowed to switch to your own doctor according to the law.

Providing Guidance While You Are Receiving Compensation Benefits

If you are currently on Workers' Compensation and receiving benefits, the insurance carrier can take steps to terminate or reduce your wage loss and/or medical benefits. It is important to know your rights and what can be done to maintain your full Workers' Compensation benefits for as long as you are entitled to them.

We can help you fight your employer's Petition to Modify, Suspend or Terminate Workers' Compensation Benefits. We can also advise you how to proceed when the insurance company schedules you for an Independent (defense-side) Medical Examination or tells you to return to work or limited duty. Don't jeopardize your benefits by being uninformed: for a free consultation, contact Oxenburg & Franzel.

Don't try to deal with intimidating Workers' Comp insurance companies on your own. Let us help you get, and keep, the benefits you deserve through our experienced representation. To schedule a free consultation regarding your workplace injury, contact Oxenburg & Franzel.

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