Philadelphia Social Security Disability FAQs

Social Security Disability FAQs

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How do I apply for Social Security Disability?

The easiest way to start the application process is by calling the Social Security Administration at 800.772.1213. They will take your information over the phone and send you the forms required to process your application. Once you have notified Social Security, call us. We can help you complete and file all of the forms that will be required. The information you provide to Social Security can be very important in the decision which is made on your case.

When should I contact an attorney?

Contact Oxenburg and Franzel after you have filed your application for Social Security disability benefits. If you are unable to contact them yourself, we can help you with the initial application process. We can assist you in dealing with the disability adjudicator reviewing your medical evidence. If you have already been denied benefits after filing your application, we can help you file an appeal and represent you at a hearing before a Social Security Administrative Law Judge.

What are examples of disabilities that qualify me for Social Security benefits?

Although any physical or mental disability that prevents you from working for 12 or more months may qualify you for Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits, the following are some examples of conditions that may qualify:

Allergies - Anxiety - Arthritis - Asbestosis - Asthma or COPD - Back or Lumbar Herniation and Pain - Blindness or Vision Impairments - Blood Disorders - Bone Fractures - Brain Injury - Cancer - Carpal Tunnel - Chronic Fatigue - Chronic Pain Syndrome - Diabetes - Depression - Emphysema - Epilepsy - Fibromyalgia - Heart Disease - Hepatitis C - Herniated Disc - High Blood Pressure - Hip or Knee Replacement - HIV / AIDS - Hypertension - Joint Pain -Kidney Disorders or Disease - Knee Replacement Leukemia - Liver Disease - Lupus - Mental Retardation - Migraine Headaches - Multiple Sclerosis - Neck or Cervical Herniation or Pain - Psychiatric/Mental Impairments - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy - Seizures - Skin Disease - Stroke

What happens if I am denied benefits?

You have 60 days to file an appeal to request a hearing with a Social Security Administrative Law Judge. It could take several months to more than a year for a hearing to be scheduled. During that time, we will update your files and obtain additional medical information regarding your case. We can also contact your doctors to have them complete forms and questionnaires that will be important in obtaining a favorable decision in your case.

What will happen at the hearing?
We will help you prepare for the hearing. At the hearing, you will testify under oath about your background, work history, impairments, and daily activities. Your lawyer as well as the Administrative Law Judge will question you. There may be a vocational expert or other witnesses who will testify regarding your case and we will handle all necessary examination of the witnesses.

What happens if the Administrative Law Judge denies my claim?

It is possible to appeal a denial from an Administrative Law Judge by filing a request for review with the Appeals Council. We will advise you as to whether we feel this is appropriate, and if so, we can help you file the appeal.

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